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Metal launches first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency investment fund




Metal announced today the creation of Metal VC – a first-of-its-kind cryptocurrency investment fund, founded by Virgil Bellini, Glenn Marien, Marshall Hayner, and Erik Finman.

Metal VC is built around the core idea of rapidly building fruitful and lasting partnerships. Companies and start-ups involved in disrupting the financial industry and creating a decentralized future can now be sent funds immediately when partnering with Metal, increasing the speed of innovation.

The creation of Metal VC is about more than just finding investments that look profitable. Unlike most other angel funds, Metal VC is focused on building lasting partnerships that help them expand globally and build a decentralized future. For that reason, Metal also offers firms access to some of their developers, tailored advice and input where needed, and a range of other options to help them succeed.

When you partner with Metal, you don’t just get an investor – you get a friend who wants to see you succeed.

Metal VC examines unique qualities and metrics that might be discounted by other investors, all of which help to paint a more accurate picture of a fund’s ability to help Metal achieve its vision of decentralization and disruption.

If you thought things were moving fast for Metal before this, just wait until more partnerships start coming online. Metal is committed to building the future that they’ve been talking about.


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